The Development Process



Building the Model

We will create a Franchise profile. We will identify the type of business model that will be offered. Based on the nature of our client’s products, service or business, we will suggest whether or not a franchisee will need exclusive territories, and the degree of exclusivity. We will research and analyze demographic data to determine appropriate place of the franchise and create a target list for expansion. 

Compliance and Legal

We will provide pertinent information to your attorney for the completion of your Franchise Agreement. The agreement defines the contractual relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee. The FDD - Federal Disclosure Document is required by the Federal Trade Commission and state regulatory agencies. 

Operations Review and Manual

We will develop a preliminary outline that identifies and describes the topics that should be covered in the comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual. The manual will include the provisions from the Franchise Agreement and delineate the areas of which systems must be maintained and monitor the operations of the franchisee. 

We will create a customized comprehensive manual, incorporating information essential to the operations of the franchise. Its content will be based on the data obtained in meetings with the client and observation of the business. 

Marketing Management

We will review the brand and marketing management of the franchise. The Marketing Management plan is based on our client’s expansion goals and the profile of the target franchise owner. We will recommend specific marketing activities and will include appropriate creative materials. 

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Broker - Our experienced brokerage team will list your franchise opportunity and sell units as:

  • Single Units
  • Multi Units 
  • Area Development
  • Conversions 

Manage - We have a host of business resources, cloud based platforms and business tools to help our franchisors on-board new franchisees.